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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Does not play well with others

So, this past year for Christmas, my mother generously gave Jo Jo and I a membership to the local YMCA--mainly because she thought it would be good for both of us to get out of the house more, especially during the cabin fever months of the New England winter. It took me just over a month to work up the nerve to start exercising again (you'd think the doughy appearance of my waistline would be enough, but chocolate chip cookie addiction is a powerful thing!) The week before last I took advantage of the Y's babysitting services so that I could attend my first exercise classes in years, and oh man, it has never been more apparent how horribly out of shape I have become. Not only do I have separated abdominal muscles, but my flexibility, well... let's just say that I cannot touch my toes. I think I had been fooling myself into thinking that because I lug around a 23 pound toddler, often without a stroller, and the general amount of walking that I do, that I wasn't that far out of shape. That theory was quickly destroyed as I suffered through my first pilates class and had trouble with the 2 lb weights and nearly passed out from joint pain. God help me, I feel like I'm a young person trapped in an old person's body!

This week I resolved to try and get my groove back a little before I attempt to take a class again by doing the elliptical every day. But here's the issue... Jo Jo all of a sudden does not like the daycare because she's going through some kind of separation anxiety thing. The daycare manager actually had to come get me 15 mins into my workout to come assuage the little one. When I went into the room, the assistant was rocking a tearful Jo Jo who upon seeing me, perked up, smiled and said, "Home now!" Well, it actually sounded more like "ho down" but I knew what she meant. Unable to leave her there in tears, I decided to forego my "me time" and take her home. We'll try it again tomorrow. I had a big bowl of pasta waiting for me at home anyways.

It's times like these that I hope that she doesn't turn out to have the same childhood social anxiety issues that I had (I was painfully shy as a kid). She has always been pensive ever since she was a baby, often taking on the persona of "Serious Sally" when introduced to new people or a new situation. I hope that she can get past it as she gets older because 17 months seems a bit young to be disliking everyone you meet!


Blogger desperate housewife said...

Hey, cute blog! I hope to read more. And I hope Jo Jo has a better time during your next workout session. Either that, or you can use her as an excuse to grow sedentary, like me! No, just kidding. Do not do that.

March 2, 2007 at 11:22 AM  

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